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"KIIIIIKUUU-SENPAAAI*!" The short haired male just barely managed to turn his head and search for the source of the voice with his wide, brown eyes before he was attacked by a hazel eyed male. Louis held on tight as Kiku instantly began to freak out.

"Lou-Louis-kun**! My personarr sprace!" The Japanese male struggled to get from his friends grip. "Prease let go of me!" He squirmed, trying to not touch the other male too much.

"Nope~!" Louis sang happily. "Giddy up, horsey!" The American male practically sent Kiku to the ground when he jumped up and locked his legs around his slim waist. "On ward! To Neverland!" A mischievous glint came to Louis' eyes as he placed his fists on his hips. The sound of bell chimes not too far in the distance captured their attention for a second. "School! Kiku! HURRY! WE'LL MISS FIRST PERIOD! Umpf!" Kiku had grabbed both of his friends hands, lifted them up, and leaned backwards far enough to send the younger male crashing to the earth.

"Gomen'nasai*! Gomen'nasai!" Kiku bowed over and over again as his friend struggled up into a sitting position.

"Ow, Kiku, that hurt!" Louis huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"He did ask you to stop, aru." Louis' other friend, Yao***, was walking toward them, with his panda following close behind. It was a wonder he managed to get the school to agree to let him keep it with him.

"What are you all still standing there for? Class is starting!" Two other students ran past the trio as the second bell rang. Kiku started to panic.

"Gomen'nasai, Louis-kun, Yao-san. I have to go! I don't want to be late!" With that, Kiku took off running with the rest of the kids around him.

"Ah, wait! Kiku-senpai!" Louis stood up and pouted again. "He could have waited for me." Yao just snorted and rolled his eyes.

"So you could take even longer to get moving, aru. Come on. We have to go." They both took off towards the school.

~*~*~*~*~ Le awesome time skips of Japan. Brought to you by Kiku's Sakura Kiss!
*mwa*…Did I do that right????~*~*~*~*~*~*~

//Ding-ding ding dong…//

Louis had zoned out long ago. He was in the middle of Science class, staring out the window as his teacher lectured on about some kind of scientific theory. Louis was thinking about what he classified as a bit more important than whatever it was the teacher was talking about. Ever since he had watched Kiku run off this morning after getting mad at him, he'd been upset with himself. He'd realized he'd forgotten to apologize to Kiku for clinging to him the way he did.

'I hope he's not too upset with me…I think he knows I was joking with him, but I still forgot to apologize...'. Louis' eyebrows knitted together as he stared out the window. 'I have to find him during lunch, I really hope he's not mad…'.

~*~*~*~*SOMETIME LATER…~*~*~*~*
Louis rushed out his fourth period class and down the halls. The second the bell had rang he was up out of his seat. He hurried to the lunch room behind a few other upperclassmen.

When Louis had finally managed to get to the lunch room, the first thing he searched for was Kiku. It didn't take him long to see his wide eyed friend standing by a table near the edge of the room. Smiling, Louis rushed over to his friend, but stopped short when the rest of the picture came into view. Kiku was smiling and talking to a bunch of girls. It, for some reason, broke his heart. His chest ached as he watched him laugh; the girls sat there and twirled their hair and flirted with him nonstop. Wait, why did he care? Why did he feel like this? His hand came up and gripped the fabric right over his pained heart.

"Louis-kun!" Yao came up behind the hurt boy, all smiles, and rested a hand on his shoulder. "I was looking for you, aru! Come on, I saved you a seat!" Yao paused when he saw the way Louis' head was bent down slightly. "Louis-kun?" Yao asked again, and Louis took one last at Kiku before he turned to Yao.

"Yeah, okay, let's go." He smiled as if there was nothing wrong and followed his Chinese friend.

~*~*~*~*~Such a short time skip…~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Louis-kun? What's the matter, aru?" Yao asked as he played with the water bottle in his hand, not paying much attention to the rest of the group. He muttered a small "nothing" under his breath as a shadow suddenly covered the table.

"Kiku-senpai!" Another guy at the table greeted the Japanese man happily. "Man, I saw you flirting with Ami and her friends," Louis' chest tightened. "Did you get a number?"

"W-wer…N-no that's not…" Kiku's uneasy voice made Louis look up. His senpai's face was all red and embarrassed. Instead of explaining more, Kiku simply placed a folded piece of notebook paper on the table. All the guys swarmed for it.

"Is this Ami's number?! I didn't think you had it in you, Kiku!" The guys laughed and hollered as Kiku sat next to Louis.

"It's not rike I wanted it…I just went over to ask about homework…" Kiku muttered, obviously a bit annoyed at the noise his friends were making. "And anyway, I just pran to see her this afternoon…"

"Oh, so you have a date already, Kiku?" The guys laughed and pressed for more information, but by this time, Louis had heard enough. His poor heart couldn't  take another second of this. Without warning, he hastily picked up his things and bolted from the lunch room, swallowing the hot lump in his throat.

"Louis-kun?" Yao asked as everyone watched him run from the room.

"What's wrong with him?" A guy asked, but most of them blew it off.

"Who knows?" Another scoffed. "He was acting like an emo earlier, let him go cry in his corner for a while."

"He what?" Kiku asked, suddenly worried. As guys and Yao explained Louis' mood to him, Kiku became more and more worried. "I'm going to go find him." Without saying more than that, Kiku left just as fast as Louis.

~*~*~*~*~*Ehh…this short skip is brought to you by Russia's pipe…~*~*~*~*~*~*

Louis ran and ran blindly down the hallways. He didn't know where he was going, all he really had in mind was someplace where he could be alone. The next thing he knew, he was in the art class supply closet. He quietly closed the sliding door, crept to the corner, and sat down. He reached up to touch his wet face. Wait…wet? Louis did a double take and realized that he was crying. The hazel eyed male buried his face into his knees and began to quietly sob.

"Baka**…baka baka…" He hissed at himself. "You shouldn't be crying over something so stupid…he was never into you to begin with…Listen to yourself, upset like a girl…"  Louis tried to keep his voice down, for fear that someone would find him, but he mustn't of been quiet enough. Kiku came racing down the hallways, still searching for his upset friend. A soft sound came from a pair of sliding doors to his left, and he back tracked and leaned against the door to listen closely. Someone was crying? Curious, Kiku opened the door. Louis' head picked up when the door to the storage area opened. His eyes widened when a familiar Japanese man poked his head in.

"Louis-kun?" Kiku was stunned to see him in tears. Louis quickly rubbed his face and tried to act as if he was okay, but Kiku wasn't going to play along. "What's the matter? Yao and the others tord me that you're upset…"

"…Gomen'ne…" Louis muttered and looked down. "Gomen'nasai for attacking you the way I did this morning…" He apologized quietly, trying to change the subject.

"It's okay, Louis-kun, but why are you crying? That can not be the reason why you're upset," Kiku sat next to him. Louis refused to share for the next few minutes, keeping his head down and rubbing his face quietly. The bell signaling the end of lunch chimed, and Louis went to get up.

"We better leave, I doubt our teacher will be happy with us if we're late again,"  A foreign weight latched itself onto his arm as he hoisted himself up. He glanced back to see Kiku's worried expression.

"Prease, Louis-kun. Terr me why you're upset." Kiku carefully managed to get him to sit back down. They studied each other for a minute, seeing who would be more hard pressed on the subject. Louis knew he was going to have to tell him how he felt sooner rather than later.

"Go..gomen…" Louis began to cry again, much to Kiku's surprise. "Gomen'nasai, Kiku-senpai." Louis rubbed his sleeves against his face again, now openly weeping in front of the Japanese man. "Watashi wa anata o aishiteimasu!***" Kiku's eyes widened at his words. "Watashi wa hontōni anata o aishiteimasu!**** Gomen'nasai!"

"L-Louis-kun." Kiku breathed, their faces turning bright red. "Watashi mo anata o aishiteimasu...*****" Louis picked up his head and looked at him with wide, teary eyes.

"Wha…? Kiku-san?" The Japanese man cautiously reached out and, much to the American's surprise, rubbed away some of his tears.

"Watashi wa anata o aishiteimasu…" Louis' vision was suddenly blurred with white and black and the next thing he knew, he was laying on his back, with a blushing Kiku on top of him. Kiku laced his fingers through his, gazing at him with a serious look. His face was all red as he parted his mouth to speak, but his voice was quickly swallowed by Kiku as he kissed him lightly. "Louis-kun," Kiku breathed against his lips as Louis closed his eyes and moaned softly. The Japanese man slid his hands under Louis' uniform. His buttons popped open one by one, revealing a white tank top, which Kiku quickly disposed of.

"A-ah, Kiku-s..senpai!" Louis' body arched slightly as Kiku kissed his way down Louis' exposed flesh. He stopped briefly to cautiously flick his tongue at his nipples. The tiny rosy buds perked up in response. Kiku found his way back up to his kohai's mouth, and quickly took it again. As he stripped himself of his tops, a heated fight for dominance began between their tongues. Louis did actually try to win, but Kiku quickly overwhelmed him, earning a submissive moan and victory over Louis when he brushed his hands against his semi-erection. Nibbling on Louis' earlobe, he gently massaged his crotch, making Louis' hips raise higher and him moan louder.

"Kiku-senpai…pl-please…" He pulled his mouth away and whimpered against his shoulder. He reached up and wrapped his arms around Kiku's neck, who in return gripped him a bit lower and flicked his tongue out against his jaw line. The hazel eyed boy ran his hands over the Japanese male's lean muscles, gripping his biceps. Kiku began to get rough with Louis, grinding his hips against his, their erections throbbing against each other's heat.

"Nnn..ah! Kiku!" Louis gasped when the male sunk his teeth into the nape of his neck. Kiku sucked and licked the at the bite, leaving behind a love mark. Louis couldn't help but blush even deeper when he realized that Kiku had intentionally left a mark.

"Watashi wa anata o aishiteimasu Louis," Kiku breathed against the mark in a lusty voice. "Prease don't ever give yourself to anyone else."

"I won't…I can't…I love you too Kiku," Louis gasped when Kiku began to unbuckle Louis' pants.  "A-ah…" He was kissed lightly on the cheek. "Kiku…" The Japanese male quickly disposed of the rest of Louis' clothes in a flash, leaving his pale, naked kohai embarrassed, hot and bothered. Louis covered himself up with is hands, and looked away with a red face. Kiku took one of his hands and kissed his knuckles.

"Don't cover yourself up, Louis-kun. That part of you is just as beautiful as the rest of you." Kiku hummed, his accent leaving for a moment, being replaced with a deep, lusty tone. "Let me see you..." He brushed his hand against Louis' red face. His kohai bit his lip and nervously nodded. Kiku laced their fingers together as Louis slowly…
WOO YEAH! WOO! MAH FIRST LEMON! I feel so nasty...


Requested by :icondemonravenwings:

This is only supposed to be like a two-three chapter one-shot thing.


It's amazing what being sick can make you do... :iconhurrdurrplz:






*I'm sorry! - Japanese
**Stupid, idiot, fool ect - Japanese
***I love you! - Japanese
****I really love you! - Japanese
*****I love you too. - Japanese


Ch 1. <Here>
Ch 2. <[link]>
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