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“Valentine’s Day?” The long haired Asian male tilted his head. “What’s Valentine’s Day, aru?” The American’s eyes bugged out of his head.

“Dude, what?! You don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country^?!” China flinched a bit at America’s loud tone.

“Obviously not, aru. Or I would not be asking.” A low rumble and the stomping of feet made their heads turn up.

“I apologize for arriving late, my brothers had some difficulties…” The British man sat carefully in the first empty chair he saw.

“It’s alright, aru. I was just talking with America-” China was quickly cut off.

“Iggy! Bro! China here doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is!” One of England’s enormous eyebrows twitched.

“I told you not to call me that, you bloody git!” The Englishman rubbed his temples. “What is this about today?” He opened one green eye.

“China doesn’t know that today’s Valentine’s Day!” America practically whined.

“’Ow unfortunate. My poor amie! It is no wonder you ‘ave no woman ohnhonhonhon~” The Frenchman cut in as he stepped through the door. “I, on zhe other ‘and, ‘ave given countless women roses today~” He flashed his dazzling smile as he took his place next to England. “Bonjour Canada!”

“H..hello,” The timid Canadian said quietly from his corner.

“France, who are you talking to-?”

“Kolkolkolkol~” A dark tone interrupted. In stepped a tall Russian man with a scarf.

“I am to be apologizing for being late, da?” He smiled his usual creepy smile and sat next to Canada.

“You’re fine, Russia, aru.” China sighed.

“This is still not cool, dude! You don’t have at least one girl you could give flowers to?” America pressed. The Chinese man didn’t have to think long before an image of a girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair flashed in his mind. His cheeks went bright red.

“Ohnhonhonhonhon~ It zeems as if he does~” France grinned wildly.

“S-shut up, aru!” China crossed his arms over his chest, his face still burning.

“It’s cool dude! All you gave to do is give her flowers and chocolate and write her a sappy poem and she’ll totally go out with you!” America laughed. “Let me tell you how it works, bro,”

~*~*~*~La sexy timeskips of France~*~*~*~

I can’t believe I’m doing this, aru. China thought.

There he stood, in one of his best pieces of formal wear in front of (f/n)’s house. Holding (f/ch) chocolates and (f/f). Patiently waiting for you to answer your door.

The Westerners and their cultures are the most--

“China?” He looked up at the now open door. (f/n) was standing there looking at him curiously.

“Ni hao*, (f/n)!” He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Hey Yao! Come in!” She pushed the door open and gestured inside. “Sorry, just give me a second to finish the dishes, the living room is to your right, make yourself at home.” The sound of running water and the clattering of tableware hit his ears as the Chinese man sat on the loveseat.

It’s okay, aru. Even if this Valentine thing doesn’t work, you just need to be honest…

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting any company today, so excuse the mess.” (f/n) sighed as she interrupted his thoughts again, sitting next to him.

“It’s fine, aru.” He promised, fidgeting slightly in his seat.

“So, what’s up? It’s Valentine’s Day, you should be with your girlfriend.” She cocked her head to one side, inspecting his odd behavior. “I’d assume that’s what the flowers and chocolates are for.” (f/n) noting the items in his hand. China just shook his head.

“Actually, these are for you, aru. I was hoping you’d be my Valentine.” He smiled at her shocked expression.

“Oh wow, I don’t know what to say…” (f/n) said, her (e/c) eyes wide. Yao just set the items gently in her hand.  

“You could say yes, aru.” He suggested slyly as she breathed in the scent of the flowers. Yao watched a smile come across the girl’s face as she looked up from the flowers.

“Yes.” She laughed. “Yes of course I’ll be your Valentine, Yao.” (f/n) leaned over and gently kissed the tip of his nose, earning a blush as red as one of Spain’s tomato’s.


I DID IT! I worked my ass off to get this shit done! :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:

I know it's really short...I'm sorry. It's late and I'm tired...:iconsweatdropplz: and I kinda cut it short so I might make up for that later with a afterwards date-thing. I just really wanted to get something done for Valentine's Day! AND HERE IT IS, BITCHES! Get your rocks off with China! WOO! (Yeah I am tired...//shot//)


^ - I don't know if people in China actually do celebrate Valentine's Day or just fit in with the story


*Nihao - (Pinyin) Chinese - Hello


(h/l) - hair length
(h/c) - hair color
(f/n) - first name
(f/ch) - favorite chocolate
(f/f) - favorite flower
(e/c) - eye color
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