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I lifted my shirt and beamed brightly at my tummy rolls and belly button. Fits of giggles bubbled at the back of my throat as I poked at my stomach. To anyone else, my unusual display of energy might have been concerning, but to me it was more than just random amusement. It was pride.
A majority of my childhood and teenage years have been filled with visits to a dietician, depressing routines, looming diabetes, and over-sized clothes I hid in. Each time they wanted to try something new, it made me feel like I was an elephant. It's been way too emotional for me, and I would never want to relive it ever. Knowing that my weight issues were my fault, considering I had no off-switch when it came to food as a kid, made me even more sad. Thinking about it made me want to cry, not because I was sad, but because I was honestly happy with how far my own motivation has been taking me. It was difficult for a while dealing with people eating the things I craved around me, but I managed.
I flopped backwards with a sigh, thinking about everything that I had been through and what I've been accomplishing as of the recent. I knew the results weren't going to come through yet, but I still felt so much better. *

"Poppet? Where are you?" A distinctly crisp English accent filled my ears. I sat up and grabbed a pillow instinctively, attempting to cover my exposed stomach. Before I could flag him down, he peeked his head into the living room and his eyes instantly grew wide.

"Hi Ollie," I smiled at him as I sat up a little straighter. He didn't respond, but he was quick to sit next to me with a serious look on his face. He even forgot to take his coat off, which was new.

"Evelyn, love, what's wrong? Did something happen?" His bright blue eyes grew concerned as he knitted his strawberry eyebrows together. Oliver's sudden worried expression was confusing me.

"What are you taking about? Everything is fine, Oliver." I muttered, trying to figure out what he was talking about. He reached out and cupped both of my cheeks, staring at me with intensity. Oliver brushed a pale thumb beneath my wet eyelashes.

Wait, wet? I blinked quickly, sending more water racing down my cheeks. A mixture of emotions spilled across his face once he saw those fresh tears, until finally, he settled on anger and those infamous swirls of pink came into his eyes. I realized then that Oliver was completely misunderstanding my situation.

"Who," The Brit demanded, his voice dark and full of venom. He reached down to grip my hands tightly, his face remaining stern.

"No one, Oliver. I'm fine, I promise. I was just-"

"Love, tell me. I promise to take care of it. They'll be dismembered and spread across this city by tomorrow, I swear." He was swift to get up and pull a rather large kitchen knife from his pastel blue coat.

"Ollie, no!" I bolted up and grabbed a hold of his wrist. "It's okay! No one made me upset. I was just a little emotional before you came here." His dark features twisted up into confusion as the swirls of madness in his eyes faded.

"Why are crying, then?" Oliver cupped my face in his hands again and stepped towards me. I noticed that his knife was put away overwhelmingly fast.

"It's nothing important, Ollie. I was just reminiscing is all." I laced my fingers through his and looked up at him. His suspicious face made me sigh. "It's nothing." I concluded and then I carefully tiptoed up to his eye level and pecked his lips.

"It clearly is important if you're worked up over it, poppet." He murmured as he pulled me onto the couch with him. "Please, tell me? I hate it when my little cupcake is upset."

"I was just thinking about my weight," I threw back, knowing that Ollie would persist with his begging until he squeezed it out of me. Might as well just tell him now and save myself some time.

"Oh, poppet, you know how I feel about that." He laced his fingers through mine and gave them a squeeze. "You're beautiful."

"Too bad you're the only person who thinks like that."

"Then that clearly means that I'm the only one that knows best."

"Your opinion doesn't equate to facts, Oliver." I rolled my eyes at his smug comments. "Besides, I wasn't actually disappointment in myself today." I peeked up at him just as he raised his pink eyebrows in thought.

"Is this about your new diet?" He hummed. I did a double take and gawked at him. "Think I didn't notice, poppet? You changed your eating habits and you weren't as stressed out as you usually are when you do that."

"Yeah. I'm just surprised that you noticed." I wasn't really. He normally does notice the small things. "I just didn't want it to turn into anxiety like last time."

"Oh, poppet. Do whatever makes you happy." Oliver kissed my forehead. "I'm proud of you." I beamed when I heard those words.


"Of course. Why would I say it and not mean it, Evelyn?" I grinned up at him before practically tackling him into the couch.

"I love you so much Ollie!" I chirped, kissing his face up. Once I was done with him, his cheeks were beet red and covered in lipstick smudges. "Oh shit! I'm sorry! I forgot I was wearing make-up-" The ceiling suddenly came into view and I was on my back with Oliver on top of me, looking particularly smug.

"What have I told you about swearing, love?" He growled. "Must I remind you of the consequences?" 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kirkland," I batted my eyelashes at him, catching his playful tone. "I didn't mean it, honest. Please let me go." I gave him my signature pout.

"Alright, love. I'll let you go," I felt the cool skin of his hands start to creep up under the front of my shirt. "On one condition..."
2P!EnglandxChubby!OC - Proud

*This is actually my past guys. (And yes I actually did poke my stomach and laugh. Don't ask.) Everything after that point doesn't apply to me

Enjoy yourself some 2P!England ^_^ All grammar Nazi's welcome~
Haha I'm into writing whole oneshots in one day again. I'M BAAACCCCKKKK
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
"...So I was like, 'Doll face, I got this' and she looked at me like I was some type of serial killer while I pulled out my bat and beat the shit out of him." Al laughed with the crowd as he slung his arm around his latest slut of a girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and took a big bite out of my maple cookie. 

"You know, Ella, all those cookies are going to go straight to your hips." Feliks muttered. I glared daggers at my Polish friend. 

"Thanks for calling me fat, Feliks." 

"That's, like, totally not what I meant! I was trying to say, like, you wanna fit into that sexy red dress we bought you last week for homecoming, right?" I paused with the cookie in my mouth.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

Homecoming was pretty much the biggest event ever in this school, if you don't count prom or any sports games. Most people who went were sucked into the center of the gym, into what's commonly called 'Grind Mountain', where every couple ended up just so they could check 'sex in a public place' off their bucket list. It was honestly disgusting. 

Why had I agreed to go in the first place, you asked? I was mind-fucked into going. Feliks had pretty much pulled a 180 during our argument and confused the hell outta me. The only real issue with this was, I had no date. 

"Like I care. I'm just going with you and some friends, anyway. If I don't fit in my dress, I'll wear skinny jeans and a pair of Vans." I popped the rest of the cookie in my mouth and brushed the crumbs from my black tee.

"Like, no way Ella! I'm not letting you go in that! You're wearing a dress, girl." He pointed at me and squinted with determination. I snorted and opened my container of strawberries. The cafeteria suddenly erupted with laughter from across the room at Al's table. I gave them all the death stare, hoping one of them would at least be moderately creeped out.


Fifth period rolled around like a blessing from the gods. This time was usually spent sleeping while my math teacher lectured on about middle-school algebra, other wise known as the easiest shit ever. I was put in the back of the class with my Spanish friend, Toni, who often napped with me. He said it was the perfect time for his 'siesta'. 

I was deeply asleep within the first ten minutes if class, when my hand was met with a sharp pain and my head flew up at the sound of my teachers voice.

"X equals three!" I blurted, nearly flying out of my seat and losing my beanie in the process. Once my vision had focused, I saw my teacher with his eyes narrowed. I could hear the snickers of classmates. 

"That's correct, Miss Waters." He growled and stalked back to the whiteboard with his yardstick. I could see the shocked look on everyone's faces as I processed what had just happened.

"Why...?" I looked at Toni, thoroughly confused. He just chuckled and ruffled his chocolate hair.

"You were snoring so cutely, chica. I threw some paper at him so he could see you were sleeping." He confessed. I punched him in the arm hard, blushing slightly from being called cute.

"You're an ass, Toni." I huffed. He continued to grin as I put everything away except for my sketchbook and a pencil. I sat there and drew with my head down the rest of the period, occasionally getting called on by Mr. Hymerson so he could make sure I wasn't sleeping again. It was weird, though. I felt like I was being stared at for the longest time...


"Are we done here? Can I go home?" I groaned, stretching my hands out on the desk in front of me. I was so ready to get out of detention. After the incident in fifth period, it was obvious I wasn't going to be let off easy. It was just extremely bad timing on my part because my math teacher just so happened to be policing d-hall that day.

"No. Here's an extra assignment. I want this turned in by the end of the week." A thick packet was placed between my forearms. Stunned, I immediately sat up and began flipping through it.

"This has to be at least ten pages." I gawked. He smirked evilly and waltzed calmly back up to his desk. "And it's Wednesday. You want this in two days?!"  

"This is what you get for sleeping in my class, Miss Waters. Now, you may take your leave. Your hour with me is up," He grumbled. I whined and shoved the packet into my backpack. 

"Pissy old grandpa..." 

"I beg your pardon?!"

"Nothing~" I called in a sing-song voice and bolted from the room. I huffed quietly to myself as I raced down the stairs, Tossing the packet into the nearest trash can I pulled out my phone, determined not to let the old-timer get to me as I popped my earbuds in. It was funny how I more than likely had the best grades in his class and I still managed to get the most heat. The thought made me snicker as I left the building.

I rounded the first corner towards the parking lot, staring at my phone as I fished for my keys in my pocket, thinking about any type of excuse I could give my math teacher as to why I didn't have my packet on Friday. The sound of loud laughter mixed with car horns pulled my attention forward, and I groaned outwardly. There he was, in all his douchebag glory, Al and his idiotic group of friends surrounding his red pick-up truck. Which just so happened to be conveniently parked next to my car. My noises of disgust must have caught his attention, because as soon as I was close enough, he abandoned the girl that was on his arm and hopped off the hood of his truck.

"Aye doll face, what's good?" He grinned at me like we had some inside joke. I gave him an annoyed once-over. His unoriginal 'bad boy' leather jacket and black jeans almost made me laugh. The smirk on my face must have been enough of a response for him. "What's so funny?" 

I shook my head and walked around him. No way in hell was I dealing with his shit today. The last thing I needed was blood on my hands in the middle of the school parking lot. He was hardly worth my time. I guess he noticed that my patience was relatively low, and as he contiuned to egg me on, I pushed through his dim witted lackeys until it dawned upon him that I didn't think he was worth a response. This got to him.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! How about you pull your head outta your ass and listen," He shoved himself in between me and the drivers side door of my car.

"I'd rather not waste my time, Al. I'm afraid if I stay here any longer then I already have, I'll catch stupid, and it seems like you've got plenty of infected people here." I said politely, lacing my words with obvious venom.

"Feisty. I like that." He purred, giving me that stupid grin from earlier. I rolled my eyes in disgust and shoved him out of the way. Just as I was about to close my door behind me, he caught the door.

"You better let go, Al, before I smash your pretty fingers into a bloody mess." I promised. We stared at each other for a moment, letting the air get thick with tension before he finally chuckled.

"Damn, girl, you need to relax. Seems to me like you haven't gotten any lately. I would be more than happy to change that, doll face." He hummed as he inched his face closer to mine. I spit at him and he jumped back before glaring at me in anger.

"I'd rather rot in the middle of nowhere before I let you touch me." I slammed my door. Before he could throw an angry fit, I was long gone. I was more than happy to have left the high school behind me as I started home. The thought of finally being able to relax made me smile for a second. Then, I realized I had a lot of explaining to do to my mom when I got there and I groaned.
2P!AmericaxOC - Doll Face
Oh hi there guys. Sorry for not being on these past couple of months, but I have a lil something to hold you guys over until I finish some other chapters of some things I have in my st.ash.

Much love <3
How do I still have all my watchers after being gone for nearly a whole year?

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