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    Five years. It's been five years since Frisk, the young child ambassador, broke the magical barrier keeping the monsters underground. Just as Sans had anticipated, the arrival of a new, sentient race coming to share the Earth with humans didn't start out very well. In fact, it was horrible for the first year and a half. Monsters were terrorized and beaten by humans, some of them even ran back underground, fearful for their lives. After the third year, the humans were slowly learning to come to terms with having monsters as neighbors.
    Even with all the difficult hoops the monsters had to jump through, most were very happy to be living on the surface. Sans, on the other hand, has still chosen to reserve his trust and opinions of humans. Anyone that wasn't Frisk was seen as a danger and was watched closely. Especially since his younger brother, Papyrus, tended to be overly-friendly with most humans and would sometimes find himself in very sticky situations with people who weren't too particular to talking to a skeleton. Sans saw no reason to justify his lack of trust since most humans continued to constantly prove his point; even though he had no real problems with humans. He just didn't really trust them. Hell, he still had infrequent doubts about whether or not Frisk would reset again.

    Now that Grillby's had opened up a second restaurant that served humans, Sans has even more of a reason to constantly be on guard. He never understood how so many people fit inside a building as small as Grillby's and still enjoy it. It was usually almost always cramped and filled with drunken humans and monsters looking to pick fights. This was how Sans had ended up becoming the bouncer at Grillby's II. It only made sense since Grillby wouldn't trust just anyone with the safety of his restaurant and Sans has always been a close friend.

    So now, here he was. Posted up next to the bar where Grillby was making human drinks, aimlessly gazing about the room to make sure that no one was drawing any blood. His size alone was enough to intimidate people into behaving; it was amazing what surface air and food could do for a short skeleton in a few years. He was almost twice the size he was when he first saw the sun. It was a rather quiet night, save for the obnoxiously loud music that a human DJ was playing in the corner of the room. Why Grillby decided to get rid of his jukebox, Sans would never know. Either way, Sans was pretty contented with the fact that he didn't have to deal with anyone. The new suit Grillby had asked him to wear was difficult to move in to begin with. 

    Sans sighed and rubbed his handkerchief across his skull, collecting the perspiration into the cloth before carefully placing his fedora back onto his head. A peek at his watch told him it was close to two in the morning, meaning it was soon time for Sans to switch shifts with Greater Dog. He breathed a sigh of relief and removed his jacket, revealing a pale blue tie, black suspenders, and a white button up. The skeleton had just finished rolling up his sleeves and collecting his things, intending to leave, when suddenly the smash of glass and people chanting 'fight' over and over again made him look to his right. Grillby and him exchanged looks before Sans waved a hand, signaling that he would deal with it and set his jacket back down. As he came closer, familiar flashes of blue and red made his fake, practiced grin turn into one of pure amusement. It was Undyne, ripping into a human male as another human female was feebly attempting to keep her back. He was laying on the floor, his nose broken and lip busted, dazed as he stared in horror at the monster with red knuckles and a crazed look in her eye. As soon as the human girl saw Sans, she gave him a knowing and relieved look.

    "A little help would be nice!" She begged as she struggled with Undyne. He shrugged and casually looked over at the male scrambling up from his spot on the floor, making a race for the exit. The human almost ended up onto the floor again as Sans mysteriously appeared in front of him and snatched up his collar. 

    "Hey there, pal. Where are you running off to?" Sans asked patiently. The man looked at him, shocked at how quickly he had been caught and looked at Undyne again. She was throwing her hands about wildly as she complained to her human friend.

    "That bitch is crazy! Did you see what she did to my face?! She attacked me!" He shrieked, clearly traumatized by whatever it was Undyne had done to him.

    "Give me a fucking brake!" Undyne screamed back as the human girl struggled to keep her in check. "You practically molest my friend and you think I'M the crazy one?! For PROTECTING her?!"

    "It was just a joke, you stupid fucking fish-"

    "I think maybe you need to learn how to keep your hands to yourself, buddy." Sans threatened darkly, knowing full well Undyne would never try to hurt anyone unless she had good reasons. His eye blazed an electric blue for one brief moment of anger as he lead to man to a window and threw him out of it. The man struggled to climb out of the dumpster as Sans closed the window. "Right where you belong." The skeleton muttered, satisfied with his work as he walked back to Undyne and her friend. 

    Sans quietly stood by his fishy friend, making sure they would both be okay. The longer he stood there and cracked jokes, the calmer Undyne seemed to be. Once he was sure she wasn't going to break anything else, he excused himself and picked up his jacket again. As he doubled back to head to the employee break room, he briefly caught wind of Undyne and the human talking. 

    " you should let me take you home!" Undyne insisted, sounding rather worried. Sans paused, taking interest in the conversation.

    "No, I'm just gonna go home. I'm not hurt just shaken up, I guess. I'll be fine." The human explained, gathering up her things and placing money under an empty glass. Her hands seemed to shake violently has she folded up the bills to tuck them beneath the cup. She really was shaken up.

    Sans moved on, entering the break room to clock out and say goodnight to Greater Dog and Grillby before throwing his jacket back on and heading out the back door. Once outside, the drunken and angry slurs of the man he tossed out the window became evident as he grew nearer. Sans watched as he picked the trash off his clothes and rather unsteadily walked to the end of the alley way. A bad feeling crept through the skeleton's bones as the man made his way out of the alley with new interest in someone that had briefly passed by on the other side of the road. Instinct told him to follow the drunken human, so he did. 

    It only took about three blocks of trailing for disaster to strike. The person the human was following notices they were being stalked and must have panicked because they turned down the nearest side street, walking much faster than before. The man picked up pace and Sans lost track of him as he disappeared into the alley. He didn't even have time to move any faster before a terrified, feminine shriek came from the same place the two people had gone into. Sans was there in an instant, greeted with the sight of the same human girl from before being held against a wall and forcefully stripped. It sickened and angered him. The girl continued to scream and fight, only to be cut off as the weight of the man vanished and a new, massive form stood protectively in front of her. 

    "What part of 'keep your hands to yourself' are you not understanding here, pal?"
SansxReader - Protective

Would this be considered a Bara!Sans fic? I feel like it would be...

Possible part two if I feel like it. NYEH HEH HEH!

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Wouldn't Change A Thing by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

The thought of Feli watching any of the Camp Rock movies was funny to me. I expected the screen to light up with lyrics instantly. Instead, we were given directions, stating that my lines were in pink and his were in blue. I wondered briefly why such a trivial fact needed to be pointed out when I remembered that this song was a duet. The sound of an acoustic guitar started up and everyone in the room grew quiet.

"J: It's like he doesn't hear a word I say
His mind is somewhere far away
And I don't know how to get there

J: It's like all he wants is to chill out, he makes me wanna pull my hair out
F: She's way too serious, she's always in a rush and interrupting

J: It's like he doesn't even care
F: It's like she doesn't even care

J: You
F: Me
J: We're face to face
J,F: But we don't see eye to eye!"

I giggled, spinning towards Feli, completely abandonning the lyrics on the screen. I noticed that his eyes were completely open as he shot me a knowing smile, reaching to take my hand.


"You sounded amazing, bella!" Feli chirped, shifting from a very serious and intense singer to his usual fun loving facade. I blinked at how quickly he had turned back.

"Stupido fratello..." I heard Lovino groan. I turned around to see Lovino sulking in the corner.  Feli didn't seem to hear him, because he hugged me carelessly and took my mic before bouncing away. He continued to grumble as I went to go sit beside him.

"You know, cussing at your brother isn't getting you any closer to being on stage with me." I informed him. Lovino shot be a bewildered look before lighting up red. Oh, he's so busted. I giggled as he continued to pout. A deafening screech from beside me instantly pissed me off and made me whip my head around.

"Sing to us Francis!" One of the girls cried as he walked toward the stage. He flicked them a kiss on his finger tips, a move I've seen him pull many times before.

I glared at the girls as they flocked the tiny stage, squealing and gossiping as they waited for him to pick his song. Rubbing my temples, I joined Lovino in his usual routine of cussing people under his breath. A gentle piano finally cut off the girls and the lights in the room dimmed slightly. I knew Francis was only doing to be dramatic, so I rolled my eyes. The tile of the song captured my attention as it flicked onto the screen.

Je N'ai Pas De Mots by Vic Mignogna

My eyes widened as I instantly recognized the song and the artist. I knew a majority of the song was English, but it made sense since Francis was singing to a group of native English speakers. Once he actually had gotten to singing, it didn't surprise me that he had an amazing voice. He probably serenaded girls daily.

"Come near and stand by me, baby
Close enough to reach out and pull you still closer
All that is swelling within me must be a language I've never spoken 'til there was you..."


I honestly swore at one point someone whipped out their lighter to wave around. Nevertheless, it was a nice change of speed to have a slow song be played. A little was into the song I stood up to go stand by the wall so I could listen and watch without distractions. After the girls had their fill of screaming like wild animals, I pulled myself off the wall and went to go sit back down on the couch when something bumped into my legs. I glanced down to see a white ball of fluff and smiled.

"Kuma? How did you get here?" I questioned the polar bear as I picked him up to hug him against my chest. "Where's Matthew?"

"Who?" He asked, blinking up at me. I giggled.

"Sometimes I think you're an owl instead of a polar bear."

"There you are, Kumakiko!" I looked up to see a rather exasperated Canadian rubbing the back of his neck. I giggled again and looked down at the bear.

"I think you're missing something, Matthew." I teased, handing the bear over to his rightful owner. He chuckled nervously.

"Th-thanks. I only left to go get another drink and he disappeared. Heh." Matthew hugged the bear close to his chest.

"Who are you?" Kuma asked from Matthew's arms.

"I'm Matthew." He answered in a rather sad tone. I felt bad for the poor guy, considering everyone has issues acknowledging his presence. When he wasn't looking, I stood on my tiptoes and pecked his cheek. He jumped and gave me a wide eyed stare with red cheeks.

"Of course you are, silly. Who else would you be?" I teased. He chuckled nervously again.


I stepped beside Matthew, focusing my vision from where the noise came from. On the floor lay a very pissy, barely conscious Englishman. I snorted, half amused and half done with Arthur's shit. He rolled over, swearing up a storm as he rubbed his face. He sounded like he was in pain.

"Sweet Queen Elizabeth." The Brit moaned. "My bloody fuckin' head..." Arthur struggled to sit up.

I sighed and gave Matt an apologetic smile and a goodbye before leaving the room to go fetch Arthur some water and a possible aspirin. Baby sitting drunks really wasn't all that fun. Walking back to our room I could hear the music and laughter from all the other groups in the other rooms. As I approached our door, I could quickly tell that we were definitely the loudest.

"Go Kiku, go!" I heard Alfred chant as I opened the door.

I groaned again when I realized that I had conveniently forgotten about how wasted Alfred had made Kiku before we got here. The poor man was standing rather dumbfounded on stage with a mic in his hand. His tie was around his forehead and he seemed as if he could barely stand up on his own. I didn't get a chance to see the song name before the lyrics appeared on screen.

"Kiss kiss fall in love!"

"Son of a-"

"Ve! Jayce! Japan is-a going to sing for us!" Feliciano declared rather proudly, as if he had some hand at what was going on. I sighed as the pop Japanese anime tune made my friend Kiku flounce around on stage.

I handed Arthur his aspirin and water before I walked over to the stage. I needed to save the poor man before me fell over flat on his face. Grimacing at the prospect of having to sing again, I carefully made my way around the stage and picked up another mic. Thankfully, in his drunken state, Kiku had chosen to sing the lyrics in English so I knew roughly where he was, even as he slurred through the tune. I looked around and managed to capture Matthew's glance. He walked over with a worried look. I explained to him how we were gonna get Kiku off stage and he just simply nodded and set his bear down on the couch by Arthur.

Kiku was became very stubborn about leaving in the middle of his song, something I had predicted would happen. I offered to sing with him and he didn't seem to mind too much as I took over the song for him. He just simply gave a very lop-sided smile and continued to hum as I sang for him. Matthew and I managed to coax him off stage without pissing him off too much. Thankfully, he flopped onto the couch for a nap as soon as we got him off stage. I gave a victorious cheer and high-fived Matthew before turning the song off.

"Okay, no more drunk performances." I stated firmly as I covered Kiku up with his jacket. "For either of you." I corrected as I watched Arthur massage his temples.

"You don't need to tell me twice, love." He muttered, sipping at his water.

Nodding triumphantly, I plopped myself down on the couch beside Kuma and absentmindedly began to pet his fur. Needless to say, I was already fairly exhausted by the events of tonight. Getting all their drunk asses home was going to be a challenge. I groaned at the thought.

"Matt, did you drink at all tonight?" I questioned, glaring at the group as Gilbert was cheered on as he chugged at the keg stand.

"Uh-uhm, no. I usually only drink when I'm at home so stuff like this doesn't happen in public." He explained. I looked at him wide-eyed.

"So you can totally help me when I get these guys home?" He rubbed the back of his neck and gave a sheepish smile.

"Heh, I can sure try, eh?" I smiled at him and turned my head to look at the moping Italian in the corner with his Spanish friend.

I could never really tell when they were arguing or having an honest conversation. Considering the fact that most of their conversing takes place in one of three or four* languages, it doesn't completely shock me that I never know what their talking about. Most of what they conversed about was muffled from where I was sitting. It seemed oddly weird to me that Romano didn't appear very pissy with his Spanish friend as they talked. He even looked kind of interested in what they were talking about. Huh.

"You're gonna watch us, right Francis?" One the girls squealed. My hands instantly curled into a fist out of annoyance.

"We want to sing for you, Gil!" Another screeched. I looked up to see half of the girls walk up to the stage. The five of them acted like fangirling middle schoolers.
HetaliaxOC - Karaoke 2

Next Chapter:?
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Realizing that this was the first piece of silence I had gotten all day, my eyes closed as my hands dropped into my lap, determined to enjoy it. Everything that had happened today was slowly rushing back over me. It picked at the back of my mind and left me with emotions I couldn't quite grasp. What exactly was I going to do? I honestly had no sense of life or freedom for the time being. My life was the mafia now. Which, taken out of context, sounded really badass. I smirked slightly but my amusement fell from my face when I remembered Toni and his bravery today. I really should visit him. Sighing, my knees pulled up to my chest and I let my head fall back.

"Oi, ragazza!" My eyes flew open, instantly meeting stunning, endless amber depths. "It's-a not a good idea to keep Nonno waiting."

Lovino took a few steps until we were fairly eye level and offered me his hand. I had been fully prepared to give him dirty looks and tell him to fuck off, but his act of unprovoked kindness took me off guard. Cautiously, I placed my palm into his, fully expecting him to hoist me up. He surprised me again by lowering his head, gently brushing his lips against my knuckles and then pulling me up. We caught each others gaze and stared for a moment.

"Lovino?" I questioned, slightly confused and overwhelmed by the amount of eye contact taking place.

"Stai bene?" He questioned, studying me closely.

"English." I deadpanned. He rolled his eyes at me but repeated himself anyway.

"Are you okay, ragazza?"

"I mean..." I scratched the back of my head and looked down at myself. "Sure? Why, do I look weird?"

"You know that's not what I-a meant." Lovino muttered, climbing back up the steps. I stood there for a moment, eyebrows raised, watching his back.

"Are you..." My eyes widened and I pointed at him as he turned around. "Is Mr. Grumpy CONCERNED about me?!" My hands flew to my cheeks and I gaped excessively. His face twisted up in embarrassment and shock.

Zitto, ora!" Lovino hissed. I laughed at his reddening cheeks. "It's not like I-a care!" He huffed and started stomping away.

"Aww, don't be like that Luigi!" I ran after him, catching his shoulder and making him turn around.

"What the fuck do you-a want?" Lovino growled, still looking very embarrassed. I made a face at how rude he was being, causing him to sigh and stuff his hands into his pockets at my display of displeasure.

"Thanks," I smiled up at him and he blinked in shock. "You're the first person to ask." Against my better judgement and lack of fucks to give, I hugged him. He stiffened, making me think he was uncomfortable with the sudden contact. I began to pull away, but was stunned when he returned the gesture and pulled me against him. Smiling, I pressed my face into his chest and leaned into him.

"Kesesesese! Already making a move, Luigi?"

"Ohnhonhon! My, you are fast Lovino!" We pulled apart to see the door to the room wide open and everyone trying to get a decent view of what was going on.

"Ve~ Does this-a mean Lovi has a girlfriend Nonno?" Feli asked, looking over to see the boss with a very amused face. I barely had enough time to pull away before Lovino blew up.

Che cazzo, fratello?! Perché cazzo stavi guardando noi?!" He screeched throwing his hands in the air.

"It seems as if he's been-a found out!" Romeo laughed. "Shame, too. I wanted a chance."

"EXCUSE you?" I demanded, planting my hands on my hips. "The hell do you think I am? I'm not your blow-up sex doll replacement, freak!" I flipped him off.

"Ohnhon! So fiery!" Francis whistled.

"I'll light a fire beneath your ASS, you frog leg fucker!"

"Easy there, signora." Romeo chuckled.

"I'll show you easy," I growled, marching forward to beat his ass. Lovino was quick to catch my shoulder.

"I wouldn't-a do that if I were you." The hot headed man smirked. "He's a masochist. He'll-a enjoy it." I busted up laughing at this new piece of information.

"I am-a not! You liar!" Romeo defended. "
Sei una cagna mentendo!"

Hai appena chiamato una cagna, figlio di puttana?" Lovino hissed angrily, his hand drifting to his waist. They stared at each other, the air thick with tension. I looked around to see everyone except Feli and Nonno watching with amused faces.

"Ve~ Fratello, I don't-a think-"

"Shut it, Feliciano." Romeo barked. "He needs to-a learn how much of a bitch he-a really is."

"Maybe we should-a take this up with Maria." Lovino said with a smirk. Romeo's eyes darkened. A few 'ooo's could be heard behind him.

"You better watch what you-a say, fratello. Or I'll have-a to shut your-a mouth for you."

"Who's-a mouth, Romeo? I'm sure Maria needs someone to-a keep her mouth shut for her." Lovino commented smugly. Rage filled Romeo's eyes. In one blinding motion, he whipped out his gun and clicked off the safety. Lovino lazily returned the gesture, almost as if this whole thing amused him.

"Watch yourself." Romeo stated in a rather threatening nature. As terrifying as this stand off seemed, I was getting rather tired of watching them puff their chests out. I made an annoyed face and stepped out in front of Lovino, fluidly removing the weapon from his hand.

"Thank you." I hummed, walking away from his stunned expression to retrieve Romeo's gun. "And thank you." I presented both of them to Nonno, who took them with a nod.

"Che cazzo?" I heard the dueling brothers mutter in unison as I brushed past the wall of people to take up my purse. Checking the time on my phone made me realize that it was actually fairly early in the afternoon.

"Jesus, I'm hungry." I commented, remembering that I hadn't eaten since last night.
"Are we still going to grab something or nah, Feli?"

"Ve~ Um, well..." He looked fairly startled.

"How about you-a show the signora some real Italian and-a make some pasta, si?" Nonno asked, locking up the weapons in his desk. Feli instantly lit up and started jumping for joy.

"PASTA!" He sang loudly and ran out of the room. I giggled at his enthusiasm and followed behind him.


"Oh my gosh, that was fantastic!" I moaned, completely filled with Feli's amazing cooking. He smiled at me from across the table and stack both of our plates together.

"I'm glad you-a liked it."

"It would have-a been better if it were pizza." Lovino grumbled, adding his plate to the forming pile of dishes.

"Pizza is great, but that was amazing." I sighed as I stretched.

"That was-a good, Feliciano." Nonno complimented as he collected dishes. He seemed rather pleased to get approval from Nonno. I stood, beginning to help out the bubbly Italian, when something glittering in the corner of my eye caught my attention. A medium sized stage sat at the far end of the restaurant.

"Never noticed that before." I commented offhandedly.

"It doesn't get used often around here." Gil explained.

"Why don't you just do karaoke every Friday or something like that? Let bands play gigs on the weekends." I thought aloud. Nonno seemed to appreciate my input.

"That sounds like a good idea, signora." He praised, reaching into his pocket to answer his ringing cellphone. I smiled at him but my attention was still focused on the stage.

"Ohnhonhon~ Why don't you sing something for us, mademoiselle?" Francis suggested cockily. I shook my head.

"Maybe some other time. For now, I would kind of like to go home if that's alright with you?" I asked to no one in particular as a picked up my phone to text Arthur.

"Today has-a been a rather full day for you, signora." Nonno said sympathetically. "We will-a touch base tomorrow, si? I still need an answer from you."

"That's fine." I looked up with a smile as I threw my phone back into my bag. "Thank you for everything. It was nice meeting all of you!" A chorus of goodbyes were given as I walked towards the door. "C'mon, Lovino. I'm not waiting on your sorry ass."

"What?" He asked, very confused.

"You won the race so you get to take me home, remember?" Francis and Gil gave a knowing laugh.

"If 'e does not take you 'ome, I will be more zhan pleased to do so myself~" The Frenchman gave a perverted smile.

Lovino rolled his eyes and walked over to the door. I flipped off Francis and offered one last farewell as Lovino held the door open for me and we stepped outside. The sun was bright and annoyed me as I waited on Lovino to unlock his car. I was more than grateful to be able to get out of that place for the day.


"IGGYBROWS!" I yelled into my apartment as the door slammed behind me. The fading noise of squealing tires made me roll my eyes. Lovino could be such a damn show off.

"I thought I told you not to call me that." A crisp, annoyed accent sighed from the kitchen. I followed the sound of his voice to see him making tea on my stove.

"Honey, I'm home~" I mocked. My hip met the counter as I leaned over his arm, watching him expertly pour the dark liquid into two mugs from my kettle.

"Very funny." Arthur sneered, handing me a green mug with a grey anchor painted on the side. "Jasmine tea."

"What, no 'welcome home dear sweet love of mine'?" I giggled, taking my mug into the living room.

"What, are you looking for a husband, Jayce?" One of his enormous eyebrows rose up curiously over his white mug as he sipped. "If you're that lonely, get a dog."

"Why would I do that when I could just keep you around?" I mused, seriously considering the idea of a pet in the back of my mind. I sat down next to my TV to turn the stereo on.


"Issues or Hands Like Houses?"

"Hands Like Houses." He responded, prompting me to scroll through my songs on my iPod. I quickly chose This Ain't No Place For Animals and set my device back into the dock. After kicking off my shoes I skipped over to join Arthur on the futon. "So how did the date with the mafia twins go? I saw the shooting on the news."

"Ah, yes. The death triplets." I hummed, remembering that Romeo technically made them triplets. Mentally preparing myself for the longest rant of my life, I sprawled out on my stomach so I was half on his lap. I tucked my elbows next to his thigh and kept my mug balanced between my fingertips. "Well..."


"That was literally the closest to death I have ever been." I finished, looking up at him. His face was a mixture of emotions I could relate to and not fully understand all at once. "I honestly almost shit myself during the interrogation, too."

"I'm surprised you didn't." I watched his eyebrows raise expressively from my place in his lap. "If I were in your shoes, love, I would never even look their way again."

"I kinda need to join the mafia, though." I confessed, making his head whip down to stare at me wide-eyed. I jumped to explain quickly. "Okay, look. If I don't there is a 99% chance that Natalia chick will find and kill me! If I join the mafia, then I'll be a hellva lot safer."

"Well..." Arthur sighed and rubbed his face. I could tell he was at a loss for words. Gently, I placed my empty mug on the ground and rolled over so I was on my back.

"I doubt Nonno will let anything happen to me after his sons pretty much fucked everything up."

"You don't know this, Jayce. You could just as easily be seen as dead weight. Or what's worse, they could make you take up another gun in exchange for protection and work for them."

"That doesn't seem like something he would do..." Then again, how was I to know? I barely knew these people.

"Come stay with me." He blurted, barely letting me finish my statement. I stared at him, confused and shocked. He looked slightly embarrassed at his outburst. "My father is a cop, Jayce. If you stay at my parents place for a while, maybe-"

"Arthur you know the police do squat in this town. Almost every officer is either too scared or been paid off. You know they only handle purse snatchers and not mafia business. No offense to your dad, he is great at what he does."

"It was a thought." He offered, defeated. I smiled and gave his tummy an appreciative pat.

"I either join and possibly live or pretend nothing ever happened and die within the next month."

Arthur's head tilted back and he rubbed his face with both hands, obviously overwhelmed and frustrated. He was pretty much everything I was supposed to be feeling but, for some odd reason, wasn't. It seemed wise to leave him to digest this and not bother his train of thought, so I sat up and collected our empty cups. As I was refilling the kettle, I absentmindedly tuned back into the music that was playing. My mood lightened and I couldn't help but sing along.

"I can't make my own decisions
Or make any with precision
Well maybe you should tie me up
So I don't go where you don't want me"

I could barely contain my hype as I turned the stove back on and began bouncing around to the tune.

"You say that I've been changing
That I'm not just simply aging"

Double checking that I wasn't going to burn down my apartment, I skipped back into the living room. Seeing Arthur stare blankly at the wall gave me a really bad idea.

"Yeah how could that be logical?
Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat"

I grinned, running full speed at him. He barely managed to react with a 'fucking hell' be thrown my way as I leapt on to the futon and half tackled him.

"You don't have to believe me!"

I sang obnoxiously, watching him recompose himself as I hopped back onto the floor.

"But the way I, way I see it
Next time you point a finger
I might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off"

Arthur rolled his eyes at my childish dancing with my pretend mic. I saw him try not to crack a smile as I hulled him off the couch and took his hands to dance.

"Next time you point a finger
I'll point you to the mirror"

When he wouldn't budge, I stabbed him repeatedly with my pointer finger until he gave in with a chuckle.

"There it is!" I teased. He rolled his eyes again. "Take it away Mr. Lead Singer." I giggled as I handed him the brush I had left out this morning on my coffee table to sing into. He mocked me slightly as he took the brush from my hands.

"If God's the game that you're playing
Well we must get more acquainted
Because it has to be so lonely
To be the only one who's holy"

"Get it, Arthur!" I laughed, twirling around aimlessly before climbing onto my coffee table to play air drums.

"It's just my humble opinion
But it's one that I believe in
You don't deserve a point of view
If the only thing you see is you"

"You don't have to believe me!" I screeched happily from my position on the table. "But the way I, way I see it-"

"Next time you point a finger
I might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger
I'll point you to the mirror"


"Your neighbors must hate you." Arthur mused as he watch me jump down from the table and walk over to the stereo.

"Nah, man. The first thing I did when I moved in was sound-proof the entire place."

"Smarter than you look, as usual, love." He chuckled as I changed the music to a Set It Off song.

"Why do you call me that?"

"Call you what?" I looked over at his confused face.

"Love." I mocked, putting on my best British voice as I walked into the kitchen.

"Uhm, well..." Arthur ran his hand over his neck nervously. "You see-"


"Bloody hell." Arthur breathed out, placing a hand over his chest dramatically. "Did you change your ringtone again?" I grinned and nodded.


"Pete's Pizza, the best fucking piece of pizza." I answered, placing my phone on speaker. "Jayce speaking."

"Ah...Jayce?" A timid voice asked, making me squeal.

"Can-yada!" I bellowed obnoxiously. "Did you call for the poutine recipe?"

"Um, no?" Matt questioned, sounding more than a little confused. "I-I'm sorry to bother you. Is this a bad time?"

"Never a bad time to talk to you. Actually, spontaneous idea, we should totally hang this weekend."

"That sounds great. What time?"

"Just swing by anytime on Sunday." I hummed, pulling out my tea leaves. "What exactly was it you called for?"

"I was wondering if you would cover my shift this Thursday. Kuma has a vet appointment."

"Sure, Matt. So long as you bring him with Sunday. I still need to meet him." I remembered aloud. "The fact that you own a bear makes you, like, King of Canada."

"Ah, sure...? I guess I'll be sure to bring him along. Thanks."

"Yup yup." I turned around and took two steps to the side. "ARTHUR COME SAY HELLO TO OUR BEST CANADIAN!" I screeched into the other room.

"Bloody hell! I was only in the other room!" He hissed, rubbing his ear for effect. "How are you, Matthew?"

"Good, thank you." A crash sounded in the background, nearly scaring the tits off of me. "No, Kuma! Bad bear!"

My eyebrows raised and I glanced at Arthur. Frantic, whispered commands and growls mixed with the sound of destruction. I barely registered the sound of Matt swearing rather loudly in French before the line went dead. My mouth instantly became a shocked 'o' and my hand covered my lips. Arthur and I looked at each other again.

"I'm sure he's fine. King of Canada and all that." I reasoned, reaching down to pour more tea into my mug.

"Right..." Arthur muttered slowly. "I'm going to go make sure he's still alive."

"Aww. Okay." I placed my kettle down and raced over to him while he was putting his jacket on.  "Let me know if you're coming back."

"Alright. Take care, love." He mused my hair as I hugged him. I returned to the stove as the door slammed, leaving me in pure silence.
Mafia!RomanoxOC - More Than Me 6
I feel like this is longer than usual... OH WELL. More for you!

Next chapter: WIP?

UPDATE: 9/4/15

You guys don't really seemed to be interested in this series so I probably won't write anymore of it. This is probably the last one. :/
A blip from my phone made me look down. I made a face and tossed it to the other end of my bed. I wasn't really in the mood to socialize anymore after getting into an argument with my parents. After taking off my socks and flinging them into my dirty laundry pile, I curled up in bed. Staring unseeingly at the stitches in my pillow, I tried to focus on the loud metacore blasting in the background in order to suppress my anger.

Another blip sounded at my cell, annoying me slightly. I sat up and decided to check it. It was a good underclassman friend of mine sharing a drawing through a group chat. Seeing it made me smile slightly. It wasn't the best thing I'd ever seen, but you could tell she really tried, which was sweet. The caption beneath it pinned the man in the picture as the older, claymation styled version of Jack Frost. Seeing his name made me sigh. I hated summer so much sometimes. I'd rather have blue skin and live with Santa than have to deal with sweating. I laid back down, daydreaming about snow and most things associated with winter. Then I remembered; Jack Frost was kind of a children's story. I quirked a smile at my friends childishness.

Who believed in that stuff at this age? Especially in Jack Frost. He was more like the fairy tale that sat in the back of the class room while Santa and the Easter bunny soaked up all the attention from everyone else around them. I frowned, understanding that feeling more than I should. People probably didn't even give him a passing thought when he made it snow, much less a thank you. I know I sure as hell didn't. Which, truth be told, kinda made me feel bad for taking all those snow days for granted. I couldn't help but wonder how he managed being hurt and unnoticed. Snorting slightly, I shook my head. I was feeling sympathy for a fairy tale?

"Sorry about that, Jack." I said aloud to no one, smiling slightly. Something about talking to a fictional, underrated, relate-able character made me feel better. "I'll be sure to appreciate you a lot the next time it snows."

If anybody walked in and saw me talking to air, they would probably call my therapist. I thought with bitter amusement, rolling over so I was laying on my side.  A wide grin spread my features when I realized that, coincidentally enough, the Fall Out Boy cover of What's This from The Nightmare Before Christmas started playing. I hummed along, enjoying the fantastically timed irony of the situation.

"HOLY SHIT, IT'S SNOWING!" I heard one of my sisters shriek from over my music. I rolled my eyes, assuming they were playing some kind of game. What else would they be excited about snow for? It's the middle of August.

"I obviously don't have my music up enough." I muttered, annoyed by the sudden outburst. As I leaned away from my laptop after cranking up my music some, I noticed that the sunlight in my room had suspiciously disappeared. I stood up, stretching my legs and strolled over to my window curiously, only to be floored by what I saw.

It was FUCKING SNOWING. In the middle of AUGUST. My jaw dropped as my hands met the cold glass of my window. Fog rolled off my reflection as I breathed onto the chilled surface. I looked up into the sky, only to see grey clouds dumping trillions of tiny snowflakes into the sky. There was no way in hell this is happening! My mind screamed and I ran over to my laptop, instantly opening Google in order to search for a weather report. All the sites I went to and the live channels I saw were completely baffled by the sudden down-pour of snow. The predicted week was SUPPOSED to be in the 80's. Twitter blew up with shocked Tweets from my area. I looked out the window, still completely stunned.

Standing slowly, I walked over to my window and cautiously pulled back my curtains. It was still snowing, plain as day. I looked around outside, noticing my sisters and parents wandering around in awe. Shaking my head, I leaned my forehead against the cold window. How is it snowing?! It was 80-something not five minutes ago.

A soft clink made me jump. I removed my head from the window, noticing tiny rocks being thrown at my window. Strangely enough, my family was still outside enjoying the spontaneous snow storm. I focused on the source of the rocks and instantly became unnerved when I noticed a pile of them floating in mid air. I blinked, rubbed my eyes, and cleaned my glasses. They were STILL THERE. My mind was beginning to implode. How the FUCK do rocks float? I was even more shocked when the pile of rocks fell from the sky, as if the were being dropped, back onto the ground.

What the hell was in those tacos? I asked, remembering what I ate for dinner. My window continued to blow my mind as it suddenly became fogged up. Clear lines wiped at the fog, creating a message. OPEN YOUR WINDOW it spelled, underlining the sentence twice. Chills were sent up my spine, making red flags pop up everywhere.

"HELL no!" I yelled at the disappearing message. "Give me one good reason why I should when none of this makes ANY sense?"

The window re-fogged and letters began appearing again. I waited patiently, internally panicking at the recent chain of weird events. The message was finished with more underlining. YOU SAID YOU WOULD APPRECIATE ME MORE? it read. I blinked, stunned.

"Appreciate wh-" I froze, suddenly remembering what I had said not five minutes ago. I had been thinking about Jack Frost when that happened. "No way..."

The message was wiped away again, the window re-fogged, and the only thing that was drawn onto the glass now was a smile. As if someone else was controlling my body, I quickly unlocked my window and ripped it open. A blast of freezing cold air met my face as I backed away, stumbling onto my bed. My windowsill was suddenly covered in swirls of frost as the snowflakes and wind poured into my room.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't actually do it," A light, mischievous voice laughed from outside the window. I looked up from the windowsill to meet the bright, electric, icy blue eyes of a white-haired boy climbing through my window. His snowy skin was covered by a blue hoodie covered in frost with a pair of brown, old, ripped pants tied to his shins. In his hands was a staff taller than him with a half-circle on the top.

"You're..." I began, unable to find the words to finish. He flashed me a brilliant smile as he leaned against his staff.

"Nice to know you believe enough to see me." He chuckled.

"There is no way you're Jack Frost." I reasoned, standing up. "I thought he didn't exist...?"

"That's what most people too old to believe think." He kicked his staff up from beneath him and sauntered a little farther into my room. "As you can see, I am very much real. I'll even prove it." His hand came up, letting his fingers curl in on themselves. Before my eyes, a large, and very intricate snowflake appeared before me. I reached for it curiously, letting the icy object sit in my hands. He gestured towards himself before bowing arrogantly. "Jack Frost, at your service."

"Oh my gosh." I gasped as he stood up. Jack reached over and gently tapped the snowflake in my hand. It dissolved into smaller snowflakes before dissipating completely. "This is so cool!" I squealed, racing over to my window to look up at the falling snow before closing my window. When I turned around he was sitting with his legs cross on my bed, playing with my pink teddy bear. I blushed slightly, knowing how childish my bear may seem.

"You believed in me rather quickly." Jack mused as he patted the head of my stuffed animal affectionately.

"Well, you made it snow in August, wrote on my window, and gave me a giant ice snowflake. Anyone would by now." I explained, sitting across from him with my back against the wall. The fact that I was having a causal conversation with a fairy tale was blowing my mind.

"What did you say your name was?" He asked, tossing me my bear.

"Uh, my name is (name)." I said as I cuddled my bear self-consciously. "What exactly are you doing here anyway? You should be around here around October at the earliest."

"Well, North was checking up on some kids for Christmas and you just happened to be one of them."


"You guys call him Santa."

"Santa is real, too?" My eyes widened.

"Yep. A lot of us are. The Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, the Sandman..."

"Wow." I breathed, looking down at my knees.

"Yeah. Like I was saying, North as doing his job. When he was checking on you, he heard you say my name and told me what you said, I got curious and decided to visit." He shrugged as he picked aimlessly at his staff.

"Shouldn't you be keeping Russia a frozen hell, or something?" I asked, making him laugh musically and look up at me.

"That's a first. And to answer your question: probably yes." My curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't help but stare at him.

Jack Frost was actually kind He made a face that said 'what's wrong with you?' and I slid closer to him and poked him. For some reason I needed to make sure he wasn't going to disintegrate when I touched him. His skin was so cold. Mesmerized, I continued to poke at his freezing skin, completely forgetting about how rude I may or may not seem at that particular moment. Him bursting into laughter a few minutes later was enough of a shock to make me stop. I blushed and placed my hands back in my lap.

"S-sorry I...uh..."

"It's okay. You just seemed like you were having too much fun." His eyes glittered mischievously. "I wanted to have fun, too."

I gave him a very sincere 'what the fuck' face and nearly jumped out of my skin when he poked me back. His knowing grin made me smirk and poke him back. He returned it quickly. I pretended to give an offended face, making him laugh and poke me again. Needless to say, I take being poked very seriously. I refused to stop poking him after that, both hands flying in his general direction. The serious face I had been trying to put up until that moment cracked and I couldn't help but laugh along with him.

"That's it!" Jack growled playfully and jumped me. I squealed as he pinned me to my bed and began to tickle me. His staff and my bear fell to the ground, completely forgotten. A mixture of his cold skin and my laughing quickly had me shaking beneath him. I tried to fight off his advances, but he was far too quick for me to retaliate.

"J-Jack! Please! NOOOOOOO!" I screeched, laughing the entire time. "UNCLE! UNCLE UNCLE UNCLE!"

"There is no Uncle." He laughed evilly. "ONLY JACK! MWUAHAHAHA!" I squealed and tried to roll over to escape the majority of the assaults. He caught on to my tactic quickly and grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head. I was trapped.

"Noooo." I whined playfully, still trying to catch my breath. "Jackieeeee!" He ginned, breathing heavily as he stared down at me. Jack's icy fingers burned into my wrists, making me realize he was actually quite strong. I struggled and he looked rather amused over me. His face read 'you're not going anywhere'. I pouted childishly and closed my eyes. "I can't see you."

"What?" Jack laughed, his cool breath ghosting over my face and giving me goosebumps. "Are you being serious, (name)?"

"I can't seeee yooooou." I sang as I kept my eyes tightly shut.

"Aw, c'mon!" Jack whined. "Don't be like that." I hummed loudly to the music still playing from my laptop. "(Naaaaame)!"

"LA LA  DO-DODOOO LA DOO!" I screamed back, squeezing my eyes tighter.

"Fine. I'll MAKE you open your eyes." Jack said in a rather cocky voice. That made me curious but I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes for fear of losing.

There was silence for a moment, only making me more curious. One of his hands disappeared from my wrist, his crazy strong grip handling both of my hands. I kept my eyes squeezed shut, still aching to know what he was doing. A gentle breeze began to rustle my hair, confusing me slightly. I was so close to giving in and looking at him until I felt his other hand press flush against the bare skin of my stomach, shooting icy sensations through my body. I squealed, not expecting to be hit with so much cold.

"HOLY SHIT, THAT'S COLD!" I tried not to open my eyes as I struggled to get away from his hand with a smile on my face. He laughed and slipped his hand to my waist, making me squeal for a second time. "JACK NO! YOU'RE CHEATING!"

"Fair is fair!" Jack chuckled and moved his hand to the side of my neck. "Now, open your eyes!"
"SANTA IS PUTTING YOU ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!" I cried as he moved his hand to the other side of my waist.

"I've been on that list for years, North knows me so well by now." He mused. "Now, open your eyes!"

"I will never submit!"

"Fine, then." Jack huffed. The gentle wind suddenly became more pronounced and a lot colder. By this point I was shivering. His hand drifted to my thigh, making me squeak. "Open your eyes." He whispered all too gently, the playful tone in his voice gone, making me blush again. I couldn't help but comply. Jack grinned in a victorious manner and I felt his hand go back to his normal temperature. We stared at each other for a moment, silence lingering. Then, all at once, I remembered the position we were in and became very flustered.

"Ah...Jack?" I asked quietly, nodding my head towards our bodies. He looked down and instantly jumped back.

"Heh," Jack rubbed the back of neck nervously. "Sorry about that."

"No problem." I giggled. He stood up, picked up his staff and walked to the window. "You're leaving already?"

"I planned on visiting you again, sunshine." He chuckled. "Don't cry over it."

"Okay. Just come visit soon."

"Will do." Jack promised and opened my window. I jumped up and quickly hugged his back.

"Thank you." I mumbled into his cold body before backing away. Jack turned around to give me one last hug and a poke to my cheek before hopping out my window.

"Catch you soon!" He yelled from the air and flew off. I watched him fly away with a smile, wondering when he would come back.

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