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No one really seems to be interested in the new Romano series. Idk guys, if no one's gonna read it I won't update...
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(Contains: strong language)
The next day rolled around a lot faster than what I thought I would. Not that I'm complaining. The idea of spending the day with two exceedingly attractive Italians and three more potentially attractive men made me extremely excited. I got up at 8:30 for a nail appointment and not wanting to be late in any way. After showering, I stood in front of my closet, chewing my lip with worry. Should I dress super girly or should I go for a more tomboy feel?

I didn't exactly know what we would be doing during the day, too. I weighed my options before coming to the solution dressing up but bringing an extra outfit with me. I chose a light teal halter top dress that hugs my curves and flows just beyond my hips to my knees. I threw on my cobalt blue ankle boots. I usually don't wear heels, but these were super comfy. I let my hair down in big black loose curls and carefully applied a blood red lipstick and light eyeliner.

Looking at the clock, I internally panicked at how much time I had just wasted twirling in the mirror. I stuffed another outfit into my white bag along with the necessities and raced out the door. My elderly neighbor gave me a few nice compliments as I put on some gold bracelets in the elevator. I smiled and thanked him, half jogging out of the apartment complex while clipping a simple single pearl necklace behind my neck.

My nail appointment had taken a little longer than usual since it took them forever to get me into a seat. I decided to gain some time back by getting a simple French manicure done. By the time I had gotten out of there, it was 10:30 and I was having trouble hailing a cab. Even if I was to start walking, I would still be 15 minutes late. I suddenly remembered the cab driver I had met yesterday. Worth a shot at this point. I sighed as I dug through my bag for his business card.

The deafening squeal of tires and the loud purr of a sports car engine sounded down the road. I looked up from my phone and was thrown by what I saw. A motherfucking Matte Black Lamborghini Aventador was pulling up to the curb in front of me. At a loss for words, I simply stared as the drivers side door slid up and out stepped a man in dark shades and a very familiar curl. Passer-bys stopped to take pictures. The Italian closed his door and walked over to me, keys in his hand.

"Ragazza, what are you doing here? You do realize that it's..." He checked his watch. "Ten minutes til 11." I blinked as he pulled his sun glasses off and gave me a knowing smirk. "You're-a going to be late."

"How?" I demanded.

"How what?" He seemed rather amused as he leaned against the hood of his car.

"How in the hell do you own a fucking Lamborghini Aventador?!"

"I-a bought it, obviously."

"That is a half a million dollar car-"

"That sounds about right." He grinned at my baffled facial expression. "We-a could sit here and-a talk about my car OR we-a could get to the shop with the five-a or so minutes we have left."

I opened my mouth and then closed it again, still completely lost for words. Lovino simply stood up, opened the passenger door, and made a wide sweep with one hand and offered me his other hand. My body swapped to autopilot, placing my hand into his. He kissed my knuckles and lead me into the car. The Italian was swift to close the passenger door and hop into the drivers side.


One rather crazy ride later, Lovino and I pulled up to the store front within a ten minute time frame. Again, he opened the door and escorted me out of the car and to the door like a gentleman. I was actually super glad I had dressed up somewhat otherwise I would have felt so out of place in that car. We walked into the store and I blushed heavily as I saw a rather shocked Arthur, among other people, stare at me. I waved sheepishly and he beckoned like mad for him to walk over to him.

"I'll be right back." I stated quickly.

"Don't-a be too long. I'll wait in the lounge with mio fratello and the others." Lovino told me and I nodded. I sped walked over to the frantic British man who had been, ironically enough, organizing some shelves with Dr. Who merchandise.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?!" He hissed, grabbing onto my shoulders.

"You look right punk today, mate." I mocked, trying to dodge his question nervously. "Those skinny jeans look wonderful on you. Nice touch with the boots, chap. I like the way it look with your-"

"Would you please not, Jayce? Explain to me what in sweet Queen Elizabeth's name are you doing with the son of the mafia leader?!" I blinked.

"The what?"

"You bloody well should have heard me! That's the son of the Italian mafia boss, Lovino Romano Vargas." Arthur explained. I paled and held my hand over my mouth. Maybe that was what they had to do at sunset? Is that how he's able to afford that car? "Answer me, woman!"

"I'm supposed to be hanging out with some of his friends and his brother..." Arthur's hands dropped from my shoulders. He looked like he was going to puke.

"You brought the Italian sons to this shop?!" Arthur quietly roared. "And their body guards?! Do you realize what would happen if the wrong person walked into the store? It could be a massacre! You may be safe but I fucking well know that my life wouldn't be!" His head fell into his hands. "You should just be thankful that it seems like we're the only two people who know who they are."

"Oh my fucking GOD, what the hell to I do Artie?!" I began to panic.

"I don't know, love. Just don't do anything that would make them upset. And keep them towards the back of the store for God's sake so no one recognizes them." He instructed. I really felt like I was going to have a panic attack. Arthur could sense my distress and set his hand gently on my shoulder. I looked up at him and he smiled softly. "Just be calm about this." I nodded

"This is so bad." I confirmed.

"Just don't think too much about it." Arthur said. I chewed my lip. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him give me a once over. "You look lovely, though."

"Ah, thanks." I said halfheartedly and then sighed. I hugged Arthur, attempting to collect as much courage as I could muster and then walked away waving at him. The closer I got, the more conscious I became of the knife I always hid in my bra.

My mind became a battle ground. I was trying to think of any and every excuse to either get the guys out of the store, get myself out of this, or better yet; both. A very small portion of my brain kept trying to remind me that I had originally agreed to this because I saw them as good people. It wasn't like they actually do any of the killing themselves, right? The more I though about it, the more crazed my mind became. Just don't think about it too much. I quoted.

"Bella!" A loud voice sliced through my thoughts. I barely had time to look up before I was glomped by a very enthusiastic Italian. My affectionate side got the better of me and I hugged him back.

"Hi, Feli." I giggled. They probably think I don't know, so it's best to keep it that way. I reasoned mentally. And for all I know, Arthur could have his names and faces mixed up.

"Ah, so this is the fille!" A French accent chirped. Feli pulled away from me and gave me a full view of four men sitting in a half circle. One of the men was Lovino. The man with shoulder-length blond hair and a very flamboyant taste in clothing was grinning up at me. He stood and kissed my hand, much like Lovino did. "My, you are much prettier than I could 'ave ever imagined!" I blushed.

"The chica looks just like a tomato!" The man with the chocolate brown hair and bright green eyes stood up and offered me his hand. His half-unbutton shirt gave off a very lazy aura. I gave him my hand and he spun me into his chest. Very Spanish. I thought and giggled when he dipped me. "Hola señorita." He cooed as he brought me back up.

"Don't be unawesome and hog zhe frau, Toni!" The silver haired albino man with a very urban look whined. He stood up and offered me his fist. I pulled away from (who I would assume was) Toni and bumped his hand. "Zhe name is Gilbert."



"I'll be honest, I suck at names. I will probably forget all of your names at least once." I warned, holding my hands up. "Hell, I still call them Mario and Luigi. You will probably all get bad nicknames." The albino laughed his odd laugh.

"You vill never forget the awesome me!"

"Non, ami, she could always call us the BTT like everyone else." The Frenchman suggested.

"No one else but you three call yourselves that," Lovino pointed out. I was rather shocked he hadn't said anything up until now.

"What does BTT stand for?" I asked no one in particular, just looking for a good enough answer.

"The Bad Touch Trio." The Spaniard explained. I rolled my eyes. I picked a seat between Lovi and Toni, tucking my skirt beneath my thighs as I sat down.

"Very creative." I gave them a golf clap. Gilbert chuckled again. "So what are we doing today? As much as I love this place, I'd rather not spend my day off at work." They all seemed to hesitate and I raised my eyebrow. Did they not take into consideration where we would be going?

"Ve! We're-a going to go get something to eat, first. Si fratello?" Feli half urged as if he was trying to keep the fact that they didn't put any thought into this hidden. They seemed to hesitate even more, waiting for confirmation from Lovino.

"That sounds nice, Feli." I smiled at him, saving Lovi's ass. A heard a few sighs of relief and Lovino nodded his head.

"Si. Let's-a go to Nonno's restaurant." They all agreed and we got up to leave. I turned around and shot Arthur a hopeful glance as I left. He smiled in a worried way and waved at me.

We strode out of the shop and I instantly began to realize what Arthur had said about body guards. The Lovino and Feli walked on either side of me and around them Gilbert and Francis took their sides and Toni trailed behind us. All of them, except Feli, put on sunglasses and I instantly felt like I was in the middle of a movie.

Why the hell am I in the middle of Fast and Furious? I demanded when I realized that the guys were splitting up into an array of exceedingly expensive looking cars. Francis hopped into a white 458 Ferrari, Toni a red McLaren 650S, Gilbert a silver Lambroghini Jota, and Feli in a pale yellow LaFerrari. Needless to say, all the car fanatics within range were practically orgasming in their pants. Lovino made sure I was inside his car and standing by his door before Franics yelled:

"The first person there gets to take 'er 'ome~!"  The guys practically threw themselves into their cars and the engines roared to life, attracting stares up and down the block.

"I would buckle up if-a I were you." Lovino muttered, whipping out his phone. He left his phone on speaker and placed it into a dock on his dash. I wasn't until the rest of the guys picked up that I realized that he had called the group.

"Zhis is gonna be fun." Gilbert laughed. "I haven't raced in a long time, especially not for such a good prize."

"I am not anyone's prize!" I growled as I buckled up.The guys pulled out and sat at the stop light.

"Usual starting place, fratello?" Feli asked. Lovino mumbled some type of conformation as the light turned green and he slipped into the nearest allyway.


They had all pretty much taken their own ways to get to the starting point, but they all got there at the same time. It was a wide, abandoned road that branched off into many allyways and smaller roads at the edge of town. They lined up their cars at a crudely spray painted white line on the cracked asphalt.

"Clean and fair race, boys. No stunts since it's just between us. Deal?" Francis asked. Everyone gave a sound of agreeance. "Why don't you count us off, Jayce?"

I stared at the phone and then Lovi in a rather shocked matter. Lovino just nodded and sat up straight. I took a deep breath.

"5," Silence, only steady breathing between the two of us.
"4," The boys laughed their odd laugh and I rolled my eyes at how cocky Gilbert sounded.
"3," Engines revved, their primial purrs turning into loud roars.
Mafia!RomanoxOC - More Than Me 3

Next chapter:
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(Contains: strong language)
The comforter on my bed made a great floofing noise as I flopped down onto it. My day had been rather long and exhausting after meeting the Italian brothers. I was hoping that I would have a chance to pass out for the evening but my growling stomach said otherwise.

Damn you, body. I thought and struggled out of my bed. I kicked off my black and white plaid Vans by my bedroom door and strolled into my kitchen. Not really in the mood for cooking, I threw some left-over chicken alfredo into the microwave. I gently pulled the bobby pins from my hair and took my beanie off along with my zip-up pale purple hoodie and threw them both onto the counter. The microwave dinged, signaling that my food was done. I grabbed the bowl and flopped down onto the futon in front of my TV and flicked it on. Not five minutes into an episode of Adventure Time, my phone began to ring.

"I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doom doom do-doom doom doom! Doom doom doooooom..."

I made a face and reached into my front pocket to check the caller ID. It was an unknown private caller and I was half tempted to deny the call but then I remember that I had given my number to the loud-mouthed Italians earlier today. I answered immediately.

"Bonjour?" I questioned.

"Ahhh, you 'ave chosen well, mon ami!" A French accent complimented in the distance. "The fille speaks my language!"

"Shut up, you frog sucking bastard!" A closer, familiar voice hissed.

"I know enough to hold my own." I commented as I turned down the TV. "I see you still have a nasty temper, Luigi."

"Kesesesese!" Someone laughed in the background. "You barely know zhe frau and she still managed to give you a nickname?" A German accent questioned.

"It's hard not to remember someone who gets into an argument with their brother in Italian." I mused.

"Aw, Lovi? What have I told you about yelling in front of girls? You must have scared the poor chica, si?" A Spanish accent tsked.

"My name is-a Lovino you tomato bastard!"

"I know he-a scared me!" Another familiar voice stated.

"Hi Mario." I smiled and fell back onto my futon, placing my bowl on the coffee table. "How have you guys been?"

"Good, bella! We called to see if you wanted to come hang out tomorrow." He asked hopefully. I pulled my phone away from my face to see the date.

"I don't see why not, tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have any work." I reasoned. "We can meet up at the shop."

"Zhe awesome me will come with!" The German announced. The Spaniard and the Frenchman both agreed to their coming along.

"Shveet." I said, mocking the German. Lovino didn't seem to agree.

"No! You bastardo's will be staying here. We don't-a need you getting us into trouble or scaring the bella." I blushed a little bit at what he called me.

"But we wanna meet the chica!" The Spainard complained.

"Si, Lovi." I teased. "Don't try to keep me from making new amigo's. I demand to meet the bastardos!"

"See? Wait..." The Spanish man muttered. Lovino started complaining in Italian.

"You know, I don't really understand half of what you just said but I'm going to assume that you're bitching and I don't take well to people who bitch." I stated. "Am I right, Feli?"

"Well, he kind of is-a complaining..." The Italian confessed.

"I fucking knew it!" I cheered.

"Dammit, fratello!"

"Calm yourself, Lovi. It will only be for a few hours."  The Spanish man reasoned. "Besides, we have something we have to do once the sun sets, anyway, remember?"

"Si,si..." He grumbled.

"Ohhh! Whatcha doing?" I asked, rather curious.

"It's a secret, mon ami." The Frenchman teased.

"A secret? Are you guys spies?" I gasped. "Do you work for S.H.E.I.L.D? Can I be Black Widow? Which one of you is Hawkeye? Will Quicksilver be there? Thor needs to be there! I bet Lovi is the Hulk. What about Ironman? Are you-"

"Dammit, ragazza! Will you be quiet for three seconds?!" Lovi yelled, obviously overwhelmed. I giggled.

"Yelling at me doesn't answer my question!"

"Whatever. We will-a see you at the shop at around 11, si?" He grumbled.

"Sure. I'll see you all tomorrow, then?" I recieved a simple yes in four different languages. "Okay, by guys!" click

I sighed and tossed my phone down beside me. I picked up my food again and continued to watch TV, excited by the promise of being able to see them tomorrow.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
"Taxi!" I called and beckoned the nearest yellow vehicle forward with my hand. It lurched to a stop a few feet to my left. Thankful for being able to hail a cab so quickly, I opened the door, only to have a middle-aged asshole jump into the car on the other side. I shot a few curses at him and watched as my ride took off down the busy city street. "God DAMMIT!"

This city was relatively well known when it came to peoples levels of douche-baggery. Needless to say, even within the short two months I had been there, I had grown used to how awful some people could be. Knowing all this wasn't exactly getting me to work any faster, though. Part of me said that I should just give up and start walking, but being as stubborn as I was I continued at my attempts to catch a ride. Two cabs later and nearly breaking the nose of some rude passer-by, I finally managed to get a taxi.

"Where to, miss?" The dark-skinned man asked in a thick accent. The Hindi music he was playing only served as a conformation of his ethnicity. I smiled at him as I gave him directions and he pulled back into traffic. After a short, yet rather pleasant, conversation with the driver we arrived at the store where I worked. I paid him a little extra and he gave me his business card. "Next time you have trouble getting a cab, call me miss." I thanked him and he waved as I rushed into the store. The bell to the door tinkled happily and I smiled as I looked around the nerdy paradise I had entered.

"Yo, dudette! Where have you been? You're nearly 15 minutes late!" My loud mouthed boss, Alfred, called from the back of the store. From where I was standing, he looked like he was hanging Superman merchandise on the walls. His green top with a white Green Lantern symbol with some blue jeans and green Converse screamed "NERD!". I jogged over to him and unlocked the employee room door beside his ladder.

"I had trouble hailing a cab. Every time I managed to get one, some asshole took it." I explained as I opened the door and threw my backpack onto the coffee table.

"Aww man that sucks." His muffled voice commented. "I'll let it slide because you're normally not this late. Just don't do it again, dudette, or I'll have to demote you down to newbie status again!"

"Yes boss." I shouted back, putting on a rather bad Jersey accent. I opened my locker and grabbed the lanyard that held a card with my name on it along with lots of little key chains.

Alfred was always really understanding, which I appreciated. I couldn't exactly call this place a comic shop because we sold more than just comic-related things. It was like Hot Topic, Spencer's, comic book store, and a skateboarding place got together and had a giant orgy with Starbucks to give birth to this place. I had found this place close to a week after arriving in this city and immediately fell in love with it. Alfred had begun to notice that I would show up everyday to get a coffee or read some comics or help some friends design their boards. I hadn't even applied for any job there when at about my 20th visit he told me I was hired. Needless to say I was loving working for him.

"Artie called off work to go play some gig. I'm counting on you today since we're short staffed." Alfred explained as he climbed down from the ladder and began folding it up.

"I figured as much. The only thing you usually do on the floor is get into heated debates with people over Superman, not actually work." I pointed out.

"I won't stand for ignorance! If you walk in here expecting to skate by only having watched Man of Steel, I will own your ass!" He whined and shoved the ladder back into the employee room before locking the door again. "Matt is here today, but he's working the bar. I'm having him deal with the new delivery of coffee beans right now." Ah, yes. Matt. The loveable, quiet, dorky Canadian brother of Alfred.

"Where's Kiku?" I asked as I set up the register and cleaned up the counter.

"Here." The Japanese man stated. I looked over and saw him setting up the DVD's for the lounge area. It was his turn to pick what was on the TV and of course he chose anime. He was in the loose white V-neck shirt I had given him as a gift that read "Kouhai in the streets, Senpai in the sheets" in blue bubbly letters and black jeans and shoes.

"What's today's anime?" I questioned. He looked at me with as much amusement as his emotionless face could muster before popping in the disc. My eyes widened as the theme song to my favorite anime came blaring through the speakers. I jumped up on the counter and started wailing on an air guitar. "KISS KISS FUCK SHIT UP!" I sang obnoxiously and Alfred laughed at my parody. "Do-do do-do, do-do do dooooo!"

"Dammit, Kiku! Now she won't be able to work!" Alfred snorted.

"You did the same thing when we put on old Batman cartoons." Mattie piped up as he appeared from the door behind the coffee bar. In his hands was a dark brown bag with a picture of a coffee bean on it. I grinned when I realized he look positively Canadian today. He was wearing a red and black flannel with his sleeves rolled up and a pair of dark blue jeans. I would be willing to bet money on the fact that we was wearing his usual custom white high-top Converse with a red maple leaf.

"Hi Mattie!" I waved at him and he waved back after he set the bag down onto the bar. "At least Mattie is sticking up for me." I hopped down off the counter. "Ouran is rife!" I said, mocking Kiku's accent. The Japanese man rolled his eyes and went back to organizing the lounge area.

"As soon as you get done brewing that coffee, Matt, we're opening up shop." Alfred warned. I simply nodded and finished setting up the register area before I moved onto organizing some of the merchandise in the music area. A few minutes later, with the store looking perfect, we all got together and had some coffee. Alfred liked to keep this tradition of having the store employees drink the first pot of coffee together before they opened up shop as a kind of a way to boost motivation. It usually did bring up most peoples spirits, especially on Monday's. The exception being Arthur who preferred to be stereotypically British and drink tea.

"Okay team! Time to get rolling. Jayce," I saluted at the sound of my name. "Go flip the signs. Good luck, guys!" Alfred called and strolled over to the register. I flipped the huge spray painted sign on the window from 'closed' to 'open' and did the same thing with the one on the door.


"The band bracelets are over here and the tee's are right up there." I directed, pointing above me. "If you need some help getting one of them down, let me know. The changing rooms are to the left by the jackets."

"Thanks, man." The African American teen smiled at me. I returned the expression to her and walked over to some kids who were looking at the skateboards. They didn't look any older than high school freshmen and some looked even younger than that.

"You guys looking for anything in particular?" I questioned and they turned around. I saw one of them give me a rather perverted look.

"I was looking for the love of my life, but you seemed to have found me." He said cockily, flipping his snap-back so it rested on his head backwards. I snorted at his pick-up line.

"That's funny. I didn't know skateboards turned prepubescent idiots on. Is that some kind of weird new fetish?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. A few of his buddies whispered a quiet 'oohhh' at my remark. This seemed to urk the little shit so he smacked the kid nearest to him and they laughed.

"Yo, dudette!" I turned around as Alfred jumped over excitedly. "Matt needs some help with the bar, there's a lot of people here after a good cup of joe."

"Sure, Alfie. Just make sure you take care of these guys." I turned around and shot Alfred a look before skipping off. I could vaguely here the sound of Alfred chewing the kids out, telling me that I had successfully gotten my message through. Over at the coffee bar, Matt was barely managing to keep up with the line of people standing at the bar. I figured it would be rude to just leave him and it would be better for me to do as Alfred asks. I situate myself behind the counter with the flustered Canadian and take up his order pad before I get to work.

From what I could see, people where mostly after the special today, which was Mattie's famous Maple coffee. Matt threw me a relieved look as I started up on orders. Some chaos later, the size of the group had decreased, turning into a manageable trickle of people. I handed off another large cup of Mattie's coffee to a girl in pink frilly clothing and turned around to clean up the work area.

The blond haired Canadian had disappeared to go get more supplies, leaving me alone at the counter with only a few people who were sitting around, enjoying their coffee. A Wookie call sounded at the far end of the bar, letting me know someone was ready to order. Once I got there I noticed a man with a rather odd curl staring at the array of pushable buttons that were all labeled "Push for Service", each of which capable of giving off a different geeky sound. The idea was an Alfred original, of course.

"Can I help you?" I asked, pulling out a pad with a clean order slip and a purple pen. The man looked up and I nearly choked on my own spit. LORD have MERCY, he was the sexiest being I had seen all day!

His mahogany hair complimented his lightly sun-kissed skin greatly, his eyes were so intensely hazel the only thing I could compare them to was a piece of amber. He was tall and his clothing choice oddly enhanced that factor. He was wearing a loose white V-neck and a black unbuttoned vest meant for a suit with some crimson jeans and black Vans. Around his neck was what looked like a shell to a used bullet and a golden cross. What really captured my attention was the tattoo situated between his shoulder and the middle of his collar bone that was playing peek-a-boo with his necklace chain.

"What's-a today's special?" The man questioned, snapping my attention back to his face. Lord he has an Italian accent! I felt heat creep up to the tips of my ears as he leaned against the counter, his bracelets and a single ring shifting along with him.

"Maple coffee and a sugar cookie." I stated simply. His face became a mixture of disgust and curiosity.

"Maple coffee?"

"Just something a coworker of mine came up with. There's been lots of requests for it today. I actually think it's pretty good." I shrugged. Collecting myself was becoming more of a challenge the more I stood there and talked to him. He stared at the menu quietly for a moment before he straightened himself up.

"One large special, a medium vanilla cappuccino with whip-a cream, two large black coffee's, and-"

"Your phone number, bella." My pen slipped from the pad and looked up with a shocked expression. Standing next to the Italian man was someone who looked just like him except with lighter hair and skin tones with the curl facing the opposite way. I assumed he was his brother. The new man leaned in and winked at me.

"Stupido fratello!" The other man blew up. Beyond those two words nothing else was understandable from that point on. The two argued with each other in, what I assumed was, rapid-fire Italian. The rate at which the foreign language spilled from their mouth made me dizzy. I took the time to appraise the situation.

The new guy seemed to be very sensitive and happy go-lucky and liked to switch between the two frequently. The man from before seemed to be very stubborn and had quite a temper. His brother was in a pair of black jeans, white Vans, and a pale red shirt that read, ironically enough, "Keep Calm and Eat Pasta". The exchanged seemed very much like a sibling argument and they both acted like kids. This realization made me snap out of my dumbfounded state and start laughing. They stopped and stared at me

"You guys are brothers, right?" I giggled and the happy one began to bounce around.

"Si! How did-a you know, bella?"

"You just bicker like siblings is all." I shrugged and looked over at the other guy who had his arms across his chest. It was almost like he was pouting. "Awww, don't be so upset Luigi." I teased.

"Does that-a make me Mario?" The other guy gasped.

"Shut up, fratello. I just-a want to be able to do something once without you-a fucking things up." Luigi grumbled rather sorely. I giggled.

"But you were-a taking so long and I got bored!" Mario whined.

"You should really be nicer to Mario." I pointed out and began to make the orders that were written down. "Family is everything, Luigi. You never know, something could happen."

"My name is-a Lovino." He huffed.

"And my name is-a Feliciano! You can-a call me Feli, bella." I smiled as I placed two sugar cookies into a bag and placed the black coffee's into a cardboard carrier next to the special. I set to work making the cappuccino.

"Is there anything else I can get you guys?" I questioned, presenting the completed order with some napkins. I was mostly asking Lui-er Lovino since he was cut off.

"Si. Could you-a make up a doughnut box?" He asked, pulling a list from his back pocket. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Feli wander over to the book section. I nodded and pulled a standard white box from under the counter. As I began to ring him up, I pulled a napkin from the dispenser and scribbled a quick note in my purple pen:

For Mario and Luigi

I completed my note with a few doodles of coins, question boxes, and pixelated figures as he pulled out his wallet and sorted through his cash. I tucked the napkin into the cookie bag and handed him the receipt just as his brother came back over and helped carry his order. Feli waved to me and Lovino just shook his head as I waved back.
Mafia!RomanoxOC - More Than Me 1
I told you guys I've been obsessing over the Italian Mafia recently...

Ch 1: <here>
Ch 2:
Ch 3:
I have literally been so obsessed with Mafia!Romano recently I just can't even

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